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Single holiday Mallorca - THings to do on mallorca.

Forget about sightseeing, museums, cathedrals, and long walks along the beautiful Majorcan beaches. That’s all lovely, but that’s not among our top 10 things to do in Mallorca on solo holidays. We are looking for something that has the power to increase your heartbeat and blood pressure when you’re on singles holidays.

Solo holidays can be a boring experience, especially if you’re visiting a new place. Without a plan or even knowledge of how to best spend your singles vacation, the whole thing may turn out to be just another blank shot and complete waste of time.

But, if you know what to do, the entire journey becomes the time of your life. The following guide is in fact a sequence that can give you an idea of how to spend your singles holidays in the best possible way when visiting Mallorca.


We’ll start with just the right thing: Challenge Mallorca

This is for the warmup. Among the top 10 things to do in Mallorca when single, Challenge Mallorca should be the starter. You know, to raise the blood pressure and feel alive. To relieve from the accumulated stress. To stretch the body a bit. To meet new people. That makes the entire experience of singles holidays in Mallorca a supreme experience. 

Now, what exactly is Challenge Mallorca?

It’s a perfect blood pressure booster, as we said, coming in few shapes:

  1. coast trekking
  2. cave snorkeling
  3. kayaking
  4. and the cream of the crops – Cliff Jumping!!


And it goes in that order, with cliff jumping being an option, because the whole point of the Challenge Mallorca is to beat other teams and claim treasure! Whoever wins the Challenge takes the treasure with him. How cool is that!

Who can participate in Challenge Mallorca?

Of course, this type of “recreation” does demand relatively good shape but still, it’s not some pro stuff, where only Olympic medalists are gathering. People from all around the world, young and old, are teaming up and doing everything in their power to beat all other teams and WIN the Challenge.

It takes approx. 3,5 hours and you’ll be provided with all needed equipment (helmets, security ropes and similar stuff). Professional guides are by your side at all times, helping you out when you stuck.

When everything ends, you’ll go home with the video of your adventure.

BUT, do freakin’ jump into the sea from the cliff. Screw the treasure, do the jump. It is optional and not everybody has the guts to jump in the water from, well, pretty high rock to be honest, but it’s where true adrenaline hides! LIVE!

Take a look:


Now when your system is heated and you feel alive, it’s time to relax again. No need to push to the extremes. The point is to have fun before anything else.


No matter where you are, go to Palma’s best Spa & Wellness center – SANUK, and experience the professional Thai massages

I know a guy who lives in Thailand for the past 3 years. He moved there for the warm weather, passion for jungles and of course, Thai massages. And then he came to Mallorca. During one late evening BBQ on the beach, I personally suggested Sanuk.

Now I’ve spent time on Thailand and had my share of massages. Having the opportunity to try both, I knew that there’s no difference in quality whatsoever.

Let’s just say that my friend Mark had 2 massages in two days out of three days that he spent here in Palma de Mallorca.

And that’s just the massages. Sanuk offers a variety of activities that will relax your body after the, well, quite intensive Challenge Mallorca. It’s one of those complete spa & wellness centers only in the case of Sanuk, owners are making no compromises when it comes to expert service, top notch environment and relationship with their clients. Come once and I guarantee – you’ll come again!

Don’t take my word for it…Sanuk’s web will tell you the story in the best possible way. It’s located in a heart of Palma de Mallorca but at the quiet and tranquil part of the city and you’ll have no problem finding it. But here’s a map just to make it easier for you.


After they squeeze every last drop of stress from you, start getting ready for the exciting night out. We’re gonna take you to the Top 3 places in Mallorca, chosen by the visitors.


It’s time to go wild! Among things you can do in Mallorca, spending a wild night out is a must! You simply can’t miss with our Top 3 Picks!

Tito's nightlife in mallorca-things to do in mallorca

Our #1 nightlife pick is trendy, active, fun, exciting and of course, not cheap.

Tito’s is voted #1 place to visit when in Mallorca by the crowd

That prestigious review comes from the people who are aware of one thing – if you wanna blast, don’t be afraid to spend some money on yourself.

And they are right you know. We are all so freakin’ obsessed with savings that we forget to have fun. What’s the use of all that money if you don’t enjoy it, right?

Ergo, Tito’s!

Trendy, young crowd and action ‘till the sunrise. Yep, Tito’s closes AFTER the first sunrays. Accordingly, Tito’s opens later than other bars because crowd there comes already prepped, if you know what I mean.

That being said, if you are not a fond of trendy places with young and loosen crowd, Tito’s might not be the right choice for you to do in Mallorca.

Instead, go with our pick #2 – Garito Cafe

Situated in a marina of Mallorca’s capital Palma, Garito Café is the place known for 3 distinct things:

  1. It’s a gathering place for locals with the extension on other Mediterraneans – not many tourists!
  2. It’s the place with the best club music
  3. Freakin’ awesome place to meet someone new!!

Yeah, not much of the tourists in Garito which makes it perfect for you to explore the habits of locals because, chances are, as we progress with this tutorial, that you’ll connect with the local beauty! Ain’t that great?

Garito Café is one of the oldest clubs in Palma and that’s why mostly locals are having fun in the ambient full of active, exciting and great atmosphere where fun never seems to stop. Again, just like Tito’s, Garito is the place where trendy folks are gathering. Translated in our kinda lingo, that means plenty of girls in a great mood. All you have to do is dance a bit. Go wild. Loosen up. And you’ll be accepted instantaneously.

Then again, if you’re not in the mood for club house and noise, you should consider our pick #3 – Jazz Voyeur Club

We are talking about intimate place where new and old bands are making sure you’re having a great time. Jazz Voyeur Club is best known for its live, on-stage music.

“Place to relax,” as one of our members simply described Jazz Voyeur Club recently, “and the place to spend the night out when you’re not in the mood for jumping young crowd.”

But one of the best things about spending time at Jazz Voyeur Club is that it’s the best choice if you have just visited the famous Cathedral. Jazz Voyeur is the perfect place to visit after you fall into that spiritual mood, triggered by the overwhelming ambient of the Palma’s Cathedral.



Yet, something is missing…

You’re in Mallorca, alone. That doesn’t speak in favor of a good time. What you need is a companionship; a date! Which leads us to our #4 thing to do in Mallorca. After all, why not having a great company when you’re sifting through all these clubs, restaurants and bars in Mallorca, right?


Date someone new in Mallorca

Relax, it’s not that hard as you think. We made it simple and easy for you. At Mallorca Dating we are specialized in matching up people from all over the world but perhaps what distinct us most is our skill for matching up tourists such as yourself with the local Majorcan beauties. And let me tell you something my friend – ain’t no girl like a Majorcan girl. This Mediterranean climate has some magical influence on genetics because when you sit down at the café, your neck will scream for a good Thai massage after just 5 minutes.

It’s close to impossible to choose, believe you me.

And it can be a pain in the butt approaching a strange woman who may or may not speak the language you feel comfortable with.

Thus, the Mallorca Dating!!

Because we make dating new people simple and straight forward

What you have to do is easy. Setup your profile in less than 3 minutes, using a simple interface.

Once you confirm your account, just pick few dates from our database and fire out few intro messages like:

  • “Hey [her respectful name], I’m [your respectful name]. Have a few moments? Wanted to ask you something about what you said on your profile.”
  • “Hi [her name], I’m [you’re guessing right of course…this where your name goes]. I see we share a common interest. If you have a moment I’d like to ask why you think [this is where you use something interesting you’ve picked from her profile].
  • “Hi [her name], we met yesterday at the bar. Don’t know if you remember me but I would like to invite for a drink at [pick the bar from the above list matching woman’s character and/or preferences].


You see? It’s not that hard. But if you’re still unconfident in your abilities to date someone new here in Mallorca, do check our First Date Tips for Guys. The chances are that each and every of your intro messages may trigger the interest and there are two reasons for that:

  1. It’s clear that she’s in for dating someone new otherwise, she wouldn’t bother setting up the dating profile.
  2. It’s clear that she’s not limited to local guys only because she knows that Mallorca Dating connects singles from all over the world!!


Now, how cool is that? No guessing, just direct play. You know that she’s expecting the call from someone who finds her attractive, interesting and above all – a great person to spend time with. You won’t get that in traditional dating game where you have to guess and/or “inspect” lots of unknown parameters such as: is she alone, does she have an interest in dating, is she looking for a man to spend time with, how open she is for strangers, etc., etc.

At Mallorca Dating, these are not issues. Women and men respectively have already made it clear that they are looking for cool companionship while in Mallorca for holidays.

Once you find a date, our recommendation is to start slowly because she already tried the wild stuff. That means our #5 pick!


Take her to dinner to Toque, a prime gem of Palma de Mallorca’s restaurants

Toque is owned by the Belgian gentleman who is not only a masterchef that prepares tasty dishes but also greets every client that steps in into his restaurant. Meals are superb. Atmosphere is relaxed. Just the perfect setup for you and your new date to get to know each other before everything else.

You know what they say: love goes through stomach. And Toque is your best choice because you really want to surprise her senses, don’t you? Just make sure to book your table beforehand because there’s always a demand for an extra table.


After a nice dinner (do accept the suggestion to try the menu of the day – Menú Mediodía), take her to one of the nightclubs we suggested.

Make sure to match it with her character because, if you paid attention, she told you everything.

You can now guess the remaining 2 things to do in Mallorca, don’t you?

Come on. Let’s set you up for dating in Mallorca. That’s the proper way to spend singles holidays and we both know that.


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