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Dating on Mallorca

It’s easy to find the date once you become a member of the Mallorca Dating community. But what then, many are asking? As with any seasonal destination, there are top 10 things to do in Mallorca, or, to be more precise, top 10 places to take your date to in Mallorca.

Each has its own “soul” so, depending on the occasion, or individual character, you can pick a few from the list and spend a great day with the person you’ve met on Mallorca Dating. As you will see, we matched each attraction with specific characters, making your choice that much easier.

We’ll be listing these singles dating tips backwards, just to make sure you check the entire list and avoid missing potential jackpot. Don’t forget that tastes differ and what 2,542 people find best, the 2,543rd may not. Who knows, maybe you’re even 2,544th.

Don’t think twice to pick any of these. They are all proven, great dating sites where many relationships have taken a growth trajectory path. And each is accompanied with easy-to-find great reviews (which you can check online of course, if you don’t believe us. Taking your Mallorca date at one of the following places will radically improve your dating and holiday experience.

Here we go:


If you and/or your date are feeling adventurous and have a taste for extreme sports, go with “Jungle Parc,” Santa Ponsa


It’s a tree adventure, with two types of courses – easier and die hard one. Just kidding, everything is perfectly safe. Among all
attractions in Mallorca, people picked Jungle Parc as one of the top 10 things to do in Mallorca. Be it as it may, we are choosing it as the top place to see and thing to do if you two are feeling a bit adventurous.

Adrenaline sports are proven to do wonders when it comes to romance, love and sexual excitement. All those hormones are mixing together while you’re going up and down through the treetops, making a perfect combo for the – kiss, or at least a warm hug, once you finish with the track. It’s a great start of the great dating experience.

Not to mention that your date, due to the extent exposure to adrenaline, will be hungry as hell, so there’s a great “add-on” to the entire adventure or the “next thing” you can do with your date – enjoy some great dish together.

Trust us when we say – you’ll have something to talk about. Jungle Parc is smartly designed and while seemingly dangerous, the entire thing is completely safe. Check the video and you’ll see it for yourself:

To learn more about the Jungle Parc and their adventure courses, here are few contact details so you could book your visit.


If you feel romantic, yet still a bit adventurous and in a mood for the scenic experience, take the unique Majorcan train tour – Ferrocarril de Sóller

Ferrocarril de Soller-tramSitting close to each other and experiencing the breathtaking scenery, whether you choose the longer, train route or shorter,tram one, will connect you with the one you date on holidays in Mallorca.

“Ever since 1912 the Sóller railway has been running a daily train service along the 27.3 km route between Palma de Mallorca and Sóller, without interruption. Since 1913 it has also run the tram service along the 4.9 kilometers from Sóller and the Port of Sóller.” – from Ferrocarril De Sóller official webpage.

Ferrocarril de Soller-train-insideTranslated in a language of love and romance, it means that two of you will have an exciting day and lots to talk about – the common problem when two strangers meet for the first time. Ferrocarril de Sóller tours eliminate this problem and couples connect deeply after experiencing Mallorca in a quite unique way.

But don’t take our word for that. See the short movie and see it for yourself:

You simply can’t miss with our #9 out of top 10 things to do or see when dating in Mallorca!

To see more and book your tour, here are few useful contact details:


When in Majorca, you simply can’t miss the beautiful bay with fine sand and clear blue sea of Port de Pollenca beach

Port de Pollenca beach-1Situated at the north of the Mallorca island, Port de Pollenca provides you with the best sunbathing and strolling experience.
Take your date for an evening walk along the beach line of the Port de Pollenca bay to create that ultimate romantic sensation at both of you.

You can choose from plenty of beach bars and restaurants to take a break and spend some intimate time together, talking about your experiences and hopes. It’s these moments when two people connect mostly. Under the influence of unique effect of the Mediterranean, people around the world bonded for the lifetime at this very place – Port de Pollenca bay.

For directions and location overview  Click here




If you’re aiming for nostalgia and romantic sensation, take your Mallorca date to Puerto de Sóller, a hidden gem of ancient Mediterranean architecture where everything reminds on history


Port de Sóller is a small village, not that obvious to spot from main communications and largely overlooked by the tourist. That fact alone makes the Puerto de Sóller just the perfect place to share some intimate moments with your holidays date.

Take a walk, have a cocktail and surprise your senses with great dishes because this small village is hiding quite a few great cafes, bars and restaurants.

How to get to Puerto de Sóller?

With our pick #9, the vintage tram, because Ferrocarril de Sóller we mentioned before, is taking you from Sóller, an inland town, directly to Puerto de Sóller, a coastal village with a marina, just 5 km further.

You can see where this small, hidden gem is situated if you CLICK HERE  (courtesy of Google Maps).

Why to get here?

Port de Soller-photo-3-appartment-viewTraditionally, smaller Mediterranean coastal villages are simply built for love and romance. While you can have a blast incapital Palma de Mallorca with all nightclubs and fancy restaurants, these small resorts are in fact perfect getaways for fresh couples.

That’s why Mallorca and dating holidays are the just right combo. Because, each of our members are just craving for emotions and romance. It’s the power of the Mediterranean.


Take your Mallorca holiday date for a walk across the unreal white sand beach of the Playa d’Alcúdia and enjoy the barefooted walk in the shallows of the crystal clear sea. It’s a romance at its best!


What is the summer vacation on Mediterranean if you don’t take a walk in a shallows? What is a holiday if you don’t lie on a breathtakingly white sands of the Playa d’Alcúdia – one of the most astonishing places of Mallorca?

And when you have a date, the entire experience of singles holidays is taken to a whole new level.

It may seem as a cliché, but don’t forget one thing if you’re a man seeking for a woman in Mallorca – cliché is a cliché for a reason! Even though you’re a man, you’ll simply enjoy taking a late evening walk along the beautiful beach. Warm, crystal white sand simply demands that you take off your shoes or slippers and walk barefooted.

Mallorca-playa-de-alcudia-photo-2-walkwayWe, at Mallorca Dating, consider Playa d’Alcúdia as a must on every holiday dating experience. Take our word for it: the
atmosphere of the place is simply magical. Use that unlikely benefit and make the most out of your dating holidays in Mallorca.

And there’s a one more reason for that. Once you find your date at Mallorca Dating, go together at Alcúdia, rent an apartment and enjoy one of a kind sunrise! You see, that Playa d´Alcudia is at the north coast – but East facing, and offers a unique experience when having an early breakfast on a deck of your villa or apartment.

It’s what makes all the difference! It’s what connects people for life.


There’s a long-lasting connection between romance, love and lighthouses. Take your date on a trip and experience the Cap de Formentor, an ancient lighthouse with the unique view over the Mediterranean Sea


With the café inside and being accessible by the road that connects Cap de Formentor, at north of Mallorca,just 15 km from the beautiful sandy beaches of Playa d’Alcúdia, with the rest of the islands, this astonishing lighthouse provides you with two things at once:

One, romance! Lighthouses and love go hand in hand. There’s something uniquely magical about those large, stone made, ancient buildings that help ships navigating across the sea. Maybe it’s the fact that, whenever you look, the lighthouse is always isolated from the rest. It’s always on some seemingly unreachable place, providing you with the total intimacy; something you two will look for, no doubt about that.

And when you also have a place to take a rest, and refresh yourself with the café latte and ice-cold beverages, the entire experience is even better. You do, after all, need the entire set to create the deeper bond with the one you’ll meet on Mallorca Dating.

Two, scenery! Cap de Formentor has been built on top of the cliff overseeing the Mediterranean Sea and it’s one of a kind on Majorca island. If possible, do come early in the morning or spend the entire day until night falls. Experience the sunrise and sunset at their best!

Do make the trip to Cap de Formentor together. It will change both of your lives!


And then take east-southeast bearing and head to the golden beaches of Playa de Muro. Move from high ground all the way down to sea level and enjoy sun tanning on one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.


When you combine #5 and #4, it feels like you, have successfully encircled one great dating experience. Playa de Muro, situated just below the Cap de Formentor, at the north of the Majorca island, provides you with the endless golden and white beaches and clear blue sea. Actually, it’s one giant stretch of soft sand, touching the warm Mediterranean Sea.

It’s just a perfect ending of the perfect day.

Two people, drawn to one another, having the time of their lives. Who could resist it? No one. Because, that’s what life is all about. To connect and spend great time in two!


Live a day together as true Mediterraneans and visit the market in the ancient town of Alcúdia. Feel the inside of the fortified old town and experience things you only read about.


Make a simple suggestion to your chosen one, or take the initiative – visit the walls of Alcúdia and check the local market. You’ll instantly know why everybody dreams about Mediterranean and local customs.

There’s something romantic in a way we live here in Mallorca and all around the Mediterranean, to be honest.

We respect simple things.

Like homemade bread and bagels. Smoked cheese made by the old masters, who pass their skills of producing the perfect taste from one generation to another. We love to share small pieces of that bread and cheese, all marinated with virgin olive oil. You look at each other’s eyes, take a bite, pick up your glasses just half-filled with the refreshing and aromatic red wine, produced only a few months ago, not far away from the old town of Alcúdia and take a small sip. Just to sense the aroma and moist your lips.

And then, the anticipation. Anticipation driven by that warm feeling coming from the center of your being. You can feel the excitement, slowly growing inside of both of you. Is it because of that familiar scent of the sea? Or is it the magical influence of the red wine?

Nobody can tell. But we do know one thing: this is how you should live for at least a few days. Then you’ll understand the true meaning of Mediterranean love and romance. It will become clear why people are rushing to Venice, Rome, Ibiza and Mallorca. It’s a way of life, that’s what it is. And you’re welcome to live with us for as long as you can.


If you happen to connect with someone who shares your enthusiasm for move, take the cycling tour at Serra de Tramuntana! The view, combined with the large number of serpentine, provides with the best of this healthy activity.


Serra de Tramuntanais the mountain area, stretching from the west all the way to the north of Mallorca, known for its breathtaking view while you’re cycling up and down the endless serpentines.

It’s just the perfect place to spend a day with your date, cycling and living with full lungs. One thing you have to be careful about is the almost unbearable simplicity of distraction caused by the astonishing view. It’s extremely hard to keep your eyes on the road.

But you will not be alone, if that comforts you in any way because serpentine of the Serra de Tramuntana are well known to the cyclist across the Europe. People from every corner of the continent are coming here just to have the privilege of this one of the kind cycling experience.

Sierra-de-Tramontana-photo-2And when there’s two of you, slowly growing feelings for each other, the entire experience gets permeated with the deep and profound meaning. It will be one of those moments you simply can’t forget!


Once you two have experienced the very best of Mallorca holiday dating, maybe it’s a good time to send a hidden message? Or, maybe the two of you are missing that one last piece of the puzzle if you’re history and/or architecture enthusiasts?

We have saved the best for the end. It’s the place with the invisible energy and power to transform lives.


What would Mallorca holidays and dating for that matter be, if you don’t visit the capital Palma de Mallorca and it’s World’s Heritage Site – Cathedral de Santa Maria (Mallorca), a magnificent wonder of the ancient gothic architecture!


You can guess the “message” now, can’t you? While it may seem as a good joke, you’d be surprised how many “fresh” couples decided to spend their lives together after visiting this monument.

It’s like Cathedral de Santa Maria de Majorca holds some untouchable and seemingly invisible, yet very much present energy that delivers unexplainable, crucial impact on the dating couple.

Nobody can truly explain it. And nobody should even bother disturbing this sacred place. So many people get “stunned” by its influence every year, it became famous for it.

One swift look at the monument under the stars of the clear night sky over the Palma de Mallorca takes your breath away.

Observed from the sea, it looks like you’re in Egypt, looking at the walls of the ancient pharaohs’. And yet, it resides in the most beautiful part of the entire Mediterranean – Mallorca island and its capital, Palma de Mallorca.

Even if you skip each of the previous 9 suggestions to take your date to, Cathedral se Santa Maria of Palma de Mallorca, simply must find its way to your organizer. Don’t miss it, otherwise you’ll miss that one final piece of the puzzle that makes perfect dating holidays in Mallorca!


Yeah, this was a bit intense. But that’s holiday in Mallorca. It simply drags you from one astonishing place to another in an endless loop. Maybe that’s the reason why so many people come to holiday and decide to stay here, on Mallorca, for life.

We really do hope that these suggestions will help you to exploit the very best from your dating holiday in Mallorca.

Oh yes, one thing left to do before you start planning…

How about you find yourself a date in next 10 minutes and start the tour? Thinks it’s impossible? You can do it from your hotel room. Just set up your dating profile at Mallorca Dating, in less than 5 minutes and join our growing community of people who discovered a new way to spend singles holidays. Who says that extreme sports and sun tanning is all there is at holidays. Try dating holidays and you’ll never go back!



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