Dangers of online dating

Dangers of Online Dating and How To Prevent Them

You don’t expect something like this on an online dating site, do you? It seems counterproductive and illogical to talk about the dangers of online dating. Well, the main intent and goal of this dating site and its staff, is to ensure the best experience for you, a dear member. For that to happen, there […]
Dating on Mallorca

Top 10 Places to Take Your Date in Mallorca

It’s easy to find the date once you become a member of the Mallorca Dating community. But what then, many are asking? As with any seasonal destination, there are top 10 things to do in Mallorca, or, to be more precise, top 10 places to take your date to in Mallorca. Each has its own […]
dating holidays for singles

How Dating Holidays for Singles at Mallorca Shocked My Mind

I’ll tell you the story of how one, seemingly reckless adventure, changed my life. Yes, I am one of those who decided to make the change and engage in something that can only be described as dating holidays for singles. And the only reason why I’m telling you this, it to remove that last obstacle […]