How to Turn Singles Holidays into Mallorca Dating Holidays and Have the Time of Your Life

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Mallorca dating holidaySingles holidays, while being great due to all the freedom of choice you have, can still be a boring and lonely experience from time to time. To make singles holidays rock, why not consider using Mallorca dating on your holiday?!

Singles dating holidays is that one missing adventure you’ve been looking for. Mallorca Dating is the solution

How that works? How can you jump from yet another single holiday How to turn your single holiday into a mallorca dating holidayexperience to a Mallorca dating holiday adventure? Easier than you think right now.

You see, the problem with singles holidays is more or less obvious. After a while, all the food, drinking, and extreme sports become inadequate and even quite boring. I mean, how many ways are there to drop down from 100-foot bridge, tied with ropes, right? Or how many times can rafting truly excite your senses if you’re not a rafting freak? Even if you are, there’s still one thing missing from the entire picture.

And we both know what that thing is, don’t we? It has the power to not only excite your senses but to rock your world and change your life 180°!

We are, of course, talking about Mallorca dating. Not just any kind of dating. We are talking about dating on holidays. So, it may or may not become something serious. Either way, with a profile on Mallorca Dating you’ll have a blast because the other party, your date, is already aware of the fact that holiday dating can just be a fling. If it grows in something more than that, good. If not, no hard feelings. How great is that?

You won’t find a similar model in traditional dating. It only exists as a part of singles holidays when you, my friend, decide to remove the shackles of solitude and engage in dating holidays with one or even more people you find interesting and attractive enough.

And trust us when we say – there’s a bunch of people to choose among.

How to find someone interested in dating you on holidays? Join Mallorca Dating!

Logical question may appear in your head now: how do you do that? How do you find someone interested in dating you on holidays?

Well, you can take your chance and go scouting the bars and other public places, searching for the possible date.

Or, you can make it easier for yourself and browse through profiles of all these wonderful people at Mallorca Dating. They all, just like you, are looking for someone to date. How cool is that? That’s one thing less to worry about. You already know that he or she is in for dating. The only question is: do you like what you see?

No worries, just continue searching and you’ll find what you’re looking for, without any doubt.

What if I get rejected?

Yes, there’s that dark, another side of the medal here. What if you get rejected?

It’s an option, of course. Just like you may find someone less interesting to date with, you may turn out to be that “less interesting” party.

How do you tackle this problem?

Easy. You follow our simple dating tips we are about to reveal to you.

Turn your singles holidays into dating holidays by creating your online dating profile at Mallorca Dating in less than 5 minutes!

First step, fill out the usual forms on the Mallorca dating site, stating your name and other stuff. Then, there’s a little window where you can (you don’t have to though) say few things about yourself. Now, don’t sound too hype, if you know what I mean. Be loose…go easy…relax…go with simple, “Looking for someone to talk and laugh with. Let’s get a cup of coffee and see where it leads.”

A nd rember photos-  ALWAYS photos with you – and preferably 5-7 photos of you in different situations – and it could be doing some activity or with friends.

When you’re all done with setting your profile (and that’s less than it takes you to order a coffee), it’s time to swipe through profiles and find your match.

Dating holidays, after all, are about finding that one soul who gets you, right? It’s what truly transforms singles holidays into full experience and no extreme sport of great dish comes even close to it.

How to write an appealing dating invitation that gets response on Mallorca Dating?

And now comes that tricky part – sending your first dating invitation. It only sounds difficult and perhaps intimidating for some. Remember, all these people, in fact, WANT to date. There’s no question about that. They are already expecting messages so don’t be afraid to blast a couple of them and see what happens.

The trick is to be patient. People are not on their devices 24/7 so if you don’t receive immediate response don’t worry, the chances are that the person you’ve messaged is just busy right now. He/she will respond later.

Another dating tip that will come handy to you is how to write an appealing dating invitation?

You really don’t want to sound pushy in any way. After all, this is all fun and it should stay that way until you two decide to lift the entire thing on the next level.

How do you do that?

Again, simple. The trick is to use fewer words possible and just a sentence or two. Don’t write essays if it’s not your thing. Instead, go with a simple: “Hey [name of that person], how are you? I saw we share the same interest [dig something from that person’s profile] and I would like to hear your opinion on [something specific about that thing you dug out from that person’s profile]. When is a good time to drop you a message [name of that person].

It works like a charm in 90% of cases.

Yeah…it’s that 10% that worries you, isn’t it?

Well, the way to think about it is that there’s always a chance that even the best plan will fail to work. What do you do when that happens? You turn to another opportunity, don’t you?

Same is here. All you have to do is pick someone else. That’s why I said that you should make a couple of picks and blast several dating invitations. It will increase your odds and act as a valuable practice. Because, with every message you write, you’re becoming better at it.

Why people get rejected?

Because they are either rude or trying too hard. Initial dating invitation is just like every other great elevator pitch. Elevator pitch is a paragraph-long sales pitch, by the way!

Imagine that you have some brilliant idea that can improve skyscrapers’ building and you just happen to run into a possible investor in an elevator. You know it’s a one-time opportunity to “sell” him your idea. In the same time, you know that elevator is moving fast and that you have only a small window of time to do that. What do you do? You execute a smartly crafted elevator pitch, selling your idea to Mr. Investor in less than 15 seconds!

Translated in dating invitation, that’s a paragraph with no more than 3 sentences long, where every word counts.

Rules are the same because whatever we do in our lives, we either buy or sell. Opinions, standpoints, stuff, you name it; it all comes down to the art of negotiation.

That’s why you’re advised not to sound too hype and not to lie beyond those small, innocent lies, where you claim how you can cook amazing dishes only to order something or go out to dinner.

People are in a rush, all the times. And with dozens of messages coming every day, nobody got time to read essays. So be concise, precise and sound relaxed.

Those who do not comply with these simple rules are often getting rejected, not knowing why exactly. It’s because they are trying too hard. At least, that’s how it seems to the person on the other side of that communication. “Why is he/she trying so hard? Is he hiding something?” Are the questions the other party will start asking. When that happens, there’s less than 30% chance that person you’ve sent the dating invitation to, will even bother responding.

Just be natural.

“Hey [name], I’m down at the beach bar, just outside [significant landmark such as hotel and similar]. Care to join me for a cold and refreshing drink?” This is quite enough in most of the cases. Simple and powerful. Of course, this will work only for those close to your current location, but you’re getting the picture.

First thing person you’ve invited will do is check your dating profile.

These two, dating profile and dating invitation skills, are the most important part of the entire online dating model. Again, the trick is to be simple and relaxed. That’s all to it.

Your next step in turning singles holidays into Mallorca dating holidays is obvious

  1. Spend a couple of minutes setting up the dating profile, using our singles dating advice and tips if you need further assistance.
  2. Browse through dating profiles on the Mallorca Dating site.
  3. Ma ake couple of picks.
  4. Take note about possible location, another neat option on Mallorca Dating where you and everybody else can leave your current location (not mandatory of course).
  5. Fire away dating invitations.
  6. Sit back and relax. In no time, you’ll start dating someone new on holidays!

Mallorca Dating is enabling you to set the profile in less the 5 minutes and start dating in less than 10 minutes (current record, at least to our knowledge, is 7 minutes from the ground zero to agreeing on meeting place!)

Waste no time. Do something new. Do dating holidays!

Article By: Giancarlo Frattori

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