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Find Love at first sunset

Are you planning on taking a vacation to Mallorca and want to make it something truly memorable? Are you single and looking for that special somebody everywhere you go? Or do you live on Mallorca part/full time and want to find friends, or partners ?

Well, there’s no better place to find love than on Mallorca. Every year over 14 million tourists visit across 125 different nationalities. That’s a lot of people to choose from! Statistically, if you are going to find your mate, this is your safest bet.

We don’t just want you to have a wonderful vacation; we want this wonderful spot to be the romantic setting that starts off a beautiful story.

Since Mallorca is a tourist destination, our dating website has been designed around that structure, giving you the option to see who is in your area, all while allowing you the opportunity to decide to meet at a local restaurant or café spontaneously, if you decide.

Mallorca Dating isn’t like any other dating site. We know that everyone’s time is limited, meaning connection opportunities provide a very small window. In many ways we have set out to catch lightning in a bottle repeatedly. Granted, it’s a difficult thing we’re trying to do, but, the thing about love is its power of transcendence. Sometimes it only takes one lock of the eyes to change two lives forever.

How are we different?

We don't make false promises. We offer UNIQUE dating services.

Our services are designed with you in mind – your love for making friends, summer flirts, adventure!

We understand the importance of having the right dating service in your corner and we want to offer this opportunity to you.

If you are single and looking, give yourself the chance to find what you haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Though time is limited, many lasting couples have begun in this beautiful tourist destination. Prepare yourself for the possibilities.

You may be yet another example of catching lightning in a bottle in Mallorca!

Go ahead; join the select group of action takers that have already taken this leap before you!

Our sincere hope is that we’ve helped you, we’ve given true keys that can unlock the UNLIMITED LOVE that’s waiting for you.

Create your profile, find friends, have a chat, meet each other and have fun!

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